Youth Ministries

GEMS, girls 2nd-6th grade

Cadets, boys 2nd-6th grade

Jr High Youth Group, 7th-8th grade girls and boys

High School Youth Group

Vacation Bible School

Gallatin Valley Serve

Parents: You must register your child(ren) prior to their participation in GEMS, Cadets, or Youth Group activities.  Please fill out a participant form for each participating child, and one parent/guardian form per household.  Completing these forms allows youth ministry leaders to rest assured that they have accurate information, and ensures that parents and/or youth receive text/email updates.

Youth ministry events are listed on our main calendar.  In the calendar, select an event for time, location, and other details.

Cadets - blue | GEMS - pink
High School Youth Group - teal | Jr. High Youth Group - light blue
Sunday School, VBS, and SERVE - pale green

Please note: Manhattan CRC has a no cell phone/electronics policy while participating in youth activities.  Electronic devices of any kind that are brought to class or activity will be placed in a basket and will be returned to the owners at the end of the meeting.