What is GEMS?

GEMS is a program for girls in 2nd - 6th grade.  They meet at the church on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. starting in late September and continuing through early April.  They meet to study Bible lessons, do activities and earn badges, work on crafts, and go on outings together.  All girls are welcome, regardless of church affiliation.

GEMS is an acronym for "Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior".  GEMS is a non-denominational ministry offered by a variety of churches and Christian organizations in the United States, Canada, and abroad.  The curriculum is developed from a reformed perspective.  Learn more about GEMS Girls' Club.

2020-2021 Theme - Friended: For Girls Who Want to Belong

From the national GEMS website:


"But friendship is not every girl’s story.

"Our girls live in a culture that is unprecedented in both its digital connection and its social isolation. Researchers name the growing problem “The Loneliness Epidemic” and that was before a global pandemic kept them at a distance from one another.

"We see girls desperate search to find a place to belong and loved, whether it’s at school, on the sports field, or through their innumerable Snapchat streaks. We dry their tears and ache over the loneliness and isolation that will always be a part of their lives until they hear about a Friend who changes everything.

"His name is Jesus. Our deepest need is for Him to be our Savior, Lord, and Friend."

Jennifer Bos, Head Counselor

Event pictures and GEMS-only details can be found on our private Facebook page.