Volunteer Schedules

Volunteer Schedules

NOTE: Please disregard during the COVID-19 restrictions.  These lists will be revised when need for these volunteer positions resumes.

Members, thank you for your willingness to serve as scheduled.  If you will not be available on the dates you are scheduled to serve, please arrange to switch with another volunteer.

Updated 3.13.2020

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House Church Survey

In 2014 the Council put together a Healthy Church Leadership Team to reflect carefully on the question, “Where do we believe God is calling our church to go?” After many meetings, conversations with the congregation, and prayer, the Team placed multiple ministry initiatives before our MCRC family. One initiative is a “House Church Program.” The report notes, “Organize two 4 or 6 consecutive week sessions with a specific topic of study… This program would initially focus on building relationships within the congregation, but could also expand to include a non-church family in each group.”

As Elders and Worship Team members we are conducting this survey to help us better understand the need and desire to gather as “house churches” in the very near future. Your feedback is so valuable and important to us! Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond!

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Family Visiting, Winter 2018

Family Visiting, Winter 2018

We believe we can’t lead people effectively and help them to grow spiritually if we don’t know them.  For this reason, elders visit members regularly and talk about members’ joys, concerns, and needs (spiritual or otherwise).

Family visits are taking place in February for the households listed here.

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